2020-21 DIGITAL CONCERT Season: Genius Unbound

Sneak Peek: Schmelzer Sonata Quarta

Enjoy a sneak peek of the Schmelzer Sonata Quarta from our cinematic music shorts production recorded in August, 2020. Then become a Sustaining Member and join us for our 2020 Virtual Gala to attend the virtual premiere of full-length versions of this project!

Release Date

September 23, 2020 @ 12:00 AM PST

Expiration Date

January 22, 2021 @ 05:04 PM PST

Featured Artists

Stephen Stubbs
Founding Artistic Director, Baroque Guitarist & Lutenist
William Skeen
Baroque Cellist
Maxine Eilander
Tekla Cunningham
Co-Artistic Director, Baroque Violinist
Henry Lebedinsky
Co-Artistic Director, Keyboardist

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