2022-23Concert Season

Monteverdi: Love and Revolution


Claudio Monteverdi’s music broke the rules of Renaissance polyphony and created the foundations of modern music. Like Shakespeare, Monteverdi’s genius lay in his ability to communicate the full compass of human emotions, especially the most mysterious, tragic, and magical of them all – love.

Join Stephen Stubbs, Tekla Cunningham, Henry Lebedinsky, Maxine Eilander, David Morris, and vocalists Danielle Reutter-Harrah, Jason McStoots, Jonathan Woody, and Aaron Sheehan for this thrilling exploration of all things love.

This performance replaces the postponed Orfeo. If you purchased single tickets to Orfeo, or are a subscription or season ticket holder, your tickets will be transferred to this concert unless you requested a refund.

Featured Artists

David Morris
Lirone/Viola da Gamba
Danielle Reutter-Harrah
Aaron Sheehan
Jason McStoots
Stephen Stubbs
Founding Artistic Director, Baroque Guitarist & Lutenist
Tekla Cunningham
Co-Artistic Director, Baroque Violinist
Henry Lebedinsky
Co-Artistic Director, Keyboardist
Maxine Eilander
Monteverdi: Love and Revolution
Murder and Mayhem
In Mary’s Arms: Christmas in story and song
Of Gods and Mortals
2021 Virtual Gala 1
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