2023-24Concert Season

From Rome with Love

Songs from the Italian Baroque

In a concert full of virtuosity and passion, star soprano Amanda Forsythe takes us on a tour of Rome’s greatest hits from Rossi to Handel.  

Rome in the 17 th century was the epicenter of a new and lyrical song culture led by Luigi Rossi. It was Rossi’s Opera L’Orfeo that burst onto the Parisian stage in 1647 and ushered in the conquest of the rest of Europe by Italian Opera. A half century later when the brilliant young German composer Handel sought to complete his musical education, he made a bee-line for Rome and created some of his greatest vocal masterpieces there, highlights of which will be performed on this thrilling program.

Featuring: Amanda Forsythe soprano, Maxine Eilander, baroque harp, David Morris viola da gamba and lirone, Stephen Stubbs, lute and guitar

Saturday, May 11 – 7:30 pm Town Hall Seattle Forum

Sunday, May 12 – 3pm St. Stephen’s Episcopal, Seattle

Amanda Forsythe with Pacific MusicWorks

Featured Artists

Amanda Forsythe
Stephen Stubbs
Founding Artistic Director, Baroque Guitarist & Lutenist
David Morris
Lirone/Viola da Gamba
Maxine Eilander
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