WAYWARD SISTERS: Notes by Stephen Stubbs

After twenty years of performing the riches of 17th-century music for two and three sopranos with my ensemble Tragicomedia in Europe, I found that this music served particularly well as material for use in workshops for young singers and continuo players. Returning to Seattle in 2006, I began working with Anna Mansbridge in a series of […]

GAME OF CROWNS: Reflections by Tekla Cunningham

My goal for this program was to traverse the earliest sonatas of the great Italian violinist/composers – Farina, Uccellini, Fontana – and then to reach across the Brenner pass into Tirol (where Pandolfi Mealli and Biber lived and worked) and onwards to Vienna, the Imperial capitol and home to Schmelzer and Albertini. There is a […]

FANDANGO: Musings from our Founding Director

Over the winter months between making the video of Navidad for PMW in November and making the Fandango video in late January, life continued for us, like for most, in continued self-isolation. The biggest effect of the pandemic on the work of PMW (besides the obvious lack of live concerts) is that the planning horizon […]

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