Mission Statement:

Pacific MusicWorks provides a forum for the artistic vision of conductor and baroque opera specialist Stephen Stubbs.  Productions range from chamber music to fully staged operas, engaging internationally renowned artists in collaboration with leading musicians of the Northwest.  Audiences of early music enthusiasts are expanding by PMW’s educational offerings that reach from the primary school level through advanced work with young professionals to other members of our community. 

Vision Statement:

Through innovative, internationally acclaimed productions of baroque opera and oratorio, PacificMusicWorks creates an artistic environment that fosters creative dialogue with artists from a broad array of fields and cultures with the goal of providing Seattle and the Pacific Northwest with events worthy of the world stage.

Aims of the Organization:

  • PMW is a production company defined by the artistic leadership of Stephen Stubbs that is focused primarily but not exclusively on the presentation of vocal music of the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • PMW's widest aim is to encourage a vital and informed dialogue between its current performers and the public at large. To this end, the organization will organize chamber operas, concerts, educational workshops and any number of performances/artistic collaborations that foster the understanding, discussion, enjoyment and dissemination of this music in a contemporary context.
  • While committed to a scholarly awareness of historical performance practice, PMW does not see reconstruction as an end in itself, but rather a departure point for making this repertoire expressive and meaningful to a modern audience. 
  • With the success of the existing community in mind, PMW will schedule and program its activities in a spirit of transparency and cooperation with existing organizations in Seattle
  • Beyond the mounting of original productions, PMW will sometimes import productions with a direct artistic connection to Stephen Stubbs.
  • Committed to performing at the highest international professional standards, the organization will hire local and American artists whenever possible but will use foreign artists when a required talent is unavailable.
  • The organization will place a premium on the deployment and development of local, regional and national talent and go on in the pattern established by the earliest productions of the organization (eg. William Kentridge, Heiner Goebbels and the Handspring Puppet Company of South Africa) of bringing distinguished artists from around the world to work closely with the best regional and national talents.
  • PMW will use a variety of venues to present whatever repertoire it chooses in circumstances that best serve its particular acoustic and artistic requirements.
  • As an integral part of its operations PMW will run an educational affiliate to train and educate young professional singers and musicians in the art of 17th and 18th century vocal music.
  • Coproductions will be cultivated with organizations that have simliar aims as a way of consolidating financial resources