IN REAL TIME-400 Years of Structured Improvisation

Music starts from an impulse of the soul. When a musician shares that impulse with an audience as it happens, we call it improvisation

Join world-reknowned guitarist Bill Frisell, virtuoso violinist Mikhail Shmidt, and PMW music director and lutenist Stephen Stubbs as they pool their talents in exploring the art which underlies much of the greatest music of the modern era, from the dazzling art of the Baroque to the 20th century's invention of instrumental jazz.

Part concert, part dialogue, part happening, In Real Time also features Tom Allen, musician, musicologist, and host of the Canadian Broadcasting Company show Shift--”from Bach to Bachmann, Haydn to The Hip”--and listener-rated “the best morning radio ever.”

Underlying the art of group improvisation in Western music is the idea of a “ground”: a repeated series of tones that defines a harmonic framework. Traditional American blues is based on a ground; this concert will demonstrate how the deceptively simple tune called “la Folia” served virtuosi of the Baroque era as inspiration. The audience will be enouraged by moderator Allen to ask questions and discuss the experience in “real time.”

Compared to Miles Davis for his unique sound, imagination, and musicianship, guitarist Bill Frisell is among the most admired performers in world jazz, sought as a collaborator by artists across the entire spectrum of pop, jazz, and rock from Rickie Lee Jones to Bono.

Moscow-born Mikhail Shmidt is devoted to exploring the outer limits of technique and repertory for the violin. In addition to his day job with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, he pursues an active career with the Seattle Chamber Players and as a collaborator with star composers like John Zorn and Steve Reich.

Venue: Daniels Hall: 5th Ave @Marion St. Downtown Seattle, Washington, 98104

Tickets: $35 General/ $20 Students





(Mikhail Shmidt, Stephen Stubbs, Bill Frisell)


February 3, 2012 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm